Thursday, March 11, 2010


假使你問我 人生為了什麼
我會講為了三餐 為了生活 和為了妻子小孩
但是看到別人的臉色 配合別人的心情
這是唯一的條件 有人認為這是為了生活
開始懷疑故事中的主角 到底是不是我因為你也知道

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  1. If you ask me what life in order to
    I can speak to three meals a day in order to live and to his wife children
    But see someone's face with the feelings of others
    This is the only condition that in order to live
    Some people think this is a drag-and-mill
    Because it's a long time didn't know how long the smile
    Begin to doubt in the story of the protagonist is not me because you know
    We are as people in life